For students in years 9 to 11

Students commence the Cambridge IGCSE Islamiyat 0493 syllabus in year 9, allowing them to take the exam in year 10, a year before their other GCSE exams. We accept pupils from year 10 and 11 to join the course allowing them to take the exam at the appropriate point. The Islamic studies course in the preceding years is comprehensive and rigorous and pupils who enter the course.

The Cambridge University’s IGCSE Islamiyat programme is more detailed than any other programmes offered in the UK at the same level. It covers all the key areas of study that students require in Islamic studies. It is an excellent course suited well to the Hub Club ethos.

• Major themes of the Qurʾān
• The history and importance of the Qurʾān
• The life and importance of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
• The first Islamic community
• Major teachings of the Ḥadīths of the Prophet
• The history and importance of the Ḥadīths
• The period of rule of the Rightly Guided Caliphs and their importance as leaders
• The Articles of Faith and the Pillars of Islam

Further details regarding the IGCSE islamic Studies course can be found at the following link.

Most pupils would be able to register to take the exam at their own school, the Cambridge exams website on the link above provides the list of schools that are registered with them.

After moving on from Islamic studies Hub Club Programme for the preceding year groups to the IGCSE course, alongside the Ghazali childrens project – our students receive a fully rounded foundation in islam by the time they graduate from the Hub Club InshaAllah – however candidates beginning the IGCSE course are not expected to have studied Islamic studies previously. The course is taught in two 1hour slots each Sunday. The students also have an hour learning the Ghazali Childrens Project.

For more information, or to register please use the form below or email or call 0121 732 9991 ( and leave a voicemail).

Notes on the IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success. It provides a solid foundation for moving on to higher level studies. UK NARIC, the national agency in the UK for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills, has carried out an independent benchmarking study of Cambridge IGCSE and found it to be comparable to the standard of GCSE in the UK. This means students can be confident that their Cambridge IGCSE qualifications are accepted as equivalent to UK GCSEs by leading universities worldwide.
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