Hub Club Sunday School provision for children age 2.5 to 16 is a community project that aims to run at a personal level for our pupils and their families.

We began with 7 pupils in 2015 and have grown rapidly to 10 separate class groups with an expanding curriculum. We strive to instil a love for the Qur’an and our Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). We provide a great focus on developing good morals, admirable behaviour and spiritual development, and aim to provide our pupils with a solid foundation to connect very naturally with the worship of Allah SWT. We have numerous students who travel from far to attend the Hub Club and are committed to small class sizes in an open, interactive and caring environment. Parents are encouraged to be proactive with their childs learning to achieve maximum benefit.

‘Feeding Hearts, Inspiring Souls’.
‘ ……an opportunity to help fulfil the trust you have from Allah, to impart a thorough understanding of Islam that is compatible to your child’s personal, social and spiritual requirements.’

We offer:

  • The Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Project: for all pupils age 5 to 16 – we are recognised as a model pilot school for the Ghazali Children’s Project amongst ~200 pilot schools running around the world……”The Hub Club is one of the foremost exemplars of a great Ghazali Children’s Project Pilot School.” ( Further details in relevant Hub Club links)
  • Cambridge iGCSE Islamic Studies course for children in years 9 and above. A unique course designed for muslim students and providing a strong foundational knowledge base.
  • Bespoke junior and senior Islamic studies curriculum for children in years Reception to year 8.
  • Du’a memorisation class with a focus on practice and understanding.
  • A weekly one hour free study circle for parents to study the Ihya Ulum Id din of Imam Al Ghazali in line with the topics taught in the school, as an excellent spiritual development opportunity for the whole family.
The Hub Club featured in a documentary video from Fons Vitae, focussing on our Ghazali Project work and also provides a real feel for the Hub Club Sunday School.

We work hard to improve quality, attract the best teachers, and invest considerable time in curriculum planning, lesson planning and mentorship of teachers. The Hub Club complements the Qur’an Club that runs on weekday evenings (Mon – Thurs).

Our school has developed into a lovely community of young muslims who often feedback their love of attending the Sunday School and who are encouraged to be confident and grow in their love for our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).   Most of our students have enrolled via word of mouth from other parents and students – who after all are our best ambassadors!

We run regular competitions, awards, assemblies, whole school events, support local charities, and have run many in school workshops with external professionals including Storytelling, Islimi art, Islamic geometrical design, Nasheed and daff workshops. Please visit the relevant areas of the Hub Club pages for more information about the different provisions at the Hub Club Sunday School. Feel free to visit us (by appointment) while classes are running, before making your decision to enrol your child. Please use the form below or email for all enquiries.
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Please have a look at some of the events that take place at the Hub Club. We will always update this page with new videos.

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The Hub is CLOSED

All prayers are suspended till further notice.

Except for food donations between 6.30pm – 7.30pm.  Masjid will remain closed.

Our donor income has dropped by almost 100% yet we still have daily overheads to maintain the Masjid. Please donate generously via bank transfer or online at