Tafseer Juz Amma for Youth

This class is for our post IGCSE students who have completed the IGCSE course in year 10.

We also welcome new external year 11 students, or new external year 10 students who do not want to do the IGCSE islamic studies course.
‘Feeding Hearts, Inspiring Souls’.
‘ ……an opportunity to help fulfil the trust you have from Allah, to impart a thorough understanding of Islam that is compatible to your child’s personal, social and spiritual requirements.’

Course description: all students recives 3 hours of teaching each week.

1 .  Tafseer Juz Amma: -2hrs every Sunday

Be absorbed into beauty of the Quran and understand the message in each Surah with a word by word focus.

Take this journey and develop within yourself an intense connection with your Lord.

Beginner level. Course specifically catered to our youth. The workload in this course is low to allow for the heavy load students receive from school in their GCSE year.

2 .  The Ghazali Children’s Project – 1hr every Sunday

The children’s books of the Ghazali project bring the teachings from the Ihya Ulum iddin of Imam al Ghazali to life for our youth, promoting a deep connection to the core principles of Islam, its philosophy and it’s purpose. There is a strong focus an reflection, spiritual understanding and self-correction. We are a model pilot school for the project. Please view the following link for further details. Link.

The Hub Club featured in a documentary video from Fons Vitae, focussing on our Ghazali Project work and also provides a real feel for the Hub Club Sunday School.

We work hard to improve quality, attract the best teachers, and invest considerable time in curriculum planning, lesson planning and mentorship of teachers. The Hub Club complements the Qur’an Club that runs on weekday evenings (Mon – Thurs).

Our school has developed into a lovely community of young muslims who often feedback their love of attending the Sunday School and who are encouraged to be confident and grow in their love for our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).   Most of our students have enrolled via word of mouth from other parents and students – who after all are our best ambassadors!

We run regular competitions, awards, assemblies, whole school events, support local charities, and have run many in school workshops with external professionals including Storytelling, Islimi art, Islamic geometrical design, Nasheed and daff workshops.

Please visit the relevant areas of the Hub Club pages for more information about the different provisions at the Hub Club Sunday School. Feel free to visit us (by appointment) while classes are running, before making your decision to enrol your child.

Please use the form below or email hubclub.school@gmail.com for all enquiries.

Hub Club Contact Form



Please have a look at some of the events that take place at the Hub Club. We will always update this page with new videos.


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