Like any organisation that has contact or works with children and vulnerable adults, The Hub ensures that those people are properly cared for and protected. This is particularly so for places of worship and faith group users who are often unique amongst other organisations, because of the inclusion of adults and children together in close proximity and the need to address issues for both the abused and the abuser.

Places of worship and most faith communities open their doors to everyone and they can be called upon to help at anytime, particularly in a crisis. Usually leaders will know what to do but sometimes expert guidance is needed particularly where children and vulnerable adults are involved. So it is vital that leaders and workers are trained to know how to work confidently and effectively with vulnerable children, young people and adults including when an allegation of abuse or a concern arises.

The Hub has a safeguarding policy and manual which covers the needs of children (in law, those under 18 years) and vulnerable adults in places of worship and other organisations. This manual is available to view upon request.

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